The European Law Institute for State Aid (ELISA) is the legal successor to the Institute for Technology Law (ITR), founded in 2004, which, as Europe’s only law institute, developed intensive European judicial workshops focusing on enforcement of European subsidy law, of general international provisions and EU legal regulations in anti-dumping and anti-subsidy policy, as well as of trade defence instruments and of international public procurement, and accomplished this with European betting agencies as well as members of the European Commission, the OECD or the WTO for companies in the technology sector.

ELISA today follows the old tradition of conducting sector-specific workshops in these legal areas for state-owned enterprises in all strategic services or provisioning sectors (“pocketbook industries”) and for private industrial companies of every sector. In order to create interactive workshops and to facilitate an informal exchange, in each workshop ELISA addresses only one representative group of business participants from each sector (with a maximum of 20 participants).

The focus is upon maintaining the rival industries' ability to continue competing, upon conveying the maximum legal and political proficiency and helping them to use this knowledge in a suitable manner in their business negotiations, diplomatic routes and pursuit of legal remedies, as well as to advocate the consideration of the principle of free competition.

For European industries the European State Aid controls, legal questions concerning the enforcement of State Aid regulations in bilateral free-trade agreements, or in agreements during negotiations for entry into the EU, have long played a considerable role. Because subsidies by third countries can represent not only a hindrance for market access and sector liberalisation, international allocations are to be taken into view just as much as legal protection and international dispute resolution processes.